Screw Oscar Drakes

OK so this post is going to be about the Oscar Drakes Bar located on SW Morrison St, across from Providence Park.

First off, DONT visit this place. The food there is gross. Soggy fries, burgers no bigger than a silver dollar. Ewwww.

This business is located above an apartment complex housing nearly 400 tenants. Did Oscar Drakes care? Hell no. The 3 months of construction disrupted life for all those people. Now that they are open the constant noise from there kitchen fan and the smell from it goes through the whole building, making it unbearable to live in the building. In fact since they opened, 6 tenants have already moved out because of it. What was Oscar Drakes reponse? They gave everyone $10 “gift ” cards for there business.  Nice right? Nope. They came with a catch. If you used them, you would be charged up to $6 dollars in a gratuity charge. So to use a gift card you had to pay cash.  utterly ridiculos. 

Now one last tidbit. The owner who you will recognize as an old bald guy, we’ll he was convicted of raping a 13 yr old boy back in 1989, and accused of molestation involving a 17 yr old girl in 1995. You’ll usually find him in the bar hovering around anyone that still looks like they are in high school. Do you really want to give your money to this place? If you do, know that you are lining the pocketbook of a pedophile and are helping make life miserable for the people above.